Cozy POS

Cozy POS Features

CozyPos is a retail management software solution for restaurants and retail shops. Solutions comes with various modules for effecient management of retail business.
Web based portal Cozy ERP is a comprehensive solution for multi location retail outlet management with cloud back office and HQ management option. Solution is built on an architecture that will give an ability to run the software from wide range of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. Cozy ERP comes with various different modules listed below.


Cozy POS

Billing Software comes with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS platform support.

Cozy KDS

Kitchen Display Solution to manage multiple kitchens efficiently.

Cozy Signage

Digital Signage Solution for in store digital display and cloud based management software.

Cozy HQ

Multi location management on the cloud with Web based module and Mobile APP modules to manage business with ease.

Cozy BackOffice

Single store back office management on desktop or on the cloud. Make it easier to access reports on the go through mobile apps.

Cozy Warehouse

For efficient multiple warehouse manage with proper stock management, stock transfers to stores or warehouses.

Cozy ERP

Comprehensive Cloud Based software with Purchasing, Inventory, Recipe Management, Food costing, Vendor management, Stock transfers, and interface with accounting and HRMS software.

Cozy WebOrder

Integrated online ordering module to give online ordering to your customers. It can handle multiple locations for delivery or pickup.