Cozy POS

CozyPos is a retail management software solution for restaurants and retail shops. Solutions comes with various modules for effecient management of retail business. Web based portal CozyERP is a comprehensive solution for multi location retail outlet management with cloud back office and HQ management option. Solution is built on an architecture that will give an ability to run the software from wide range of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. Cozy ERP comes with various different modules listed below.

Cozy GPS

Cozy GPS is an innovative and cost effective real time GPS/GPRS tracking solutions comprising of hardware device, GSM SIM, Tracking platform software.


CozyPrint is the Aadhaar Card printing software developed in-house. Software is well designed to take the e-Aadhaar file in PDF format and convert the information to the format required to print on a plastic card. This software is designed to take care of variations on PDF format of e-Aadhaar file.